Turning the World Pink

Mother of Millennials is a book about one British family’s journey through life. At the heart of the narrative is the development of important themes such as the environment, diversity, mental health, education and corporate responsibility. These subjects are of global importance, so it seems wrong to keep them to ourselves. Instead, we’ve decided to reach out across the world through a team of international collaborators. Our goal is to engage ordinary people in conversations about things that really matter to us as human beings; and as citizens of a single, shared planet. 

Want to join our team?

If you are a native speaker of any country not yet coloured pink on the map above*, read on. You may be a perfect person to join the team. 

You will need to:

  • care deeply about at least one of the issues mentioned above
  • be good at social media/book blogging
  • willing to do some translation work – not of the book itself, but blog posts and a companion guide
  • willing to work for 50% royalty share of all books sold into your country
  • be a kind and trusting soul – there will be no lawyers to draw up formal contracts

We are at the start of an exciting adventure; like-minded strangers coming together, ready to travel into the unknown. There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead. But what sort of trip would it be without challenges? No lessons to learn. No stories to tell. No achievements to be proud of.

*includes English-speaking countries

Interested in Joining Us?