The Authors

Kathryn Mortimer

After a lifetime working in IT for big corporations, I’m trying something different. My journey into the unknown started by publishing a book, but it hasn’t stopped there. I missed out on a mid-life crisis, instead I’m having a two-third life awakening. It’s so much fun, I wish I’d started sooner!

Harriet Mortimer

Corporate life was a struggle as it didn’t align with my values. I found it toxic, unsatisfying and disrespectful, leading to sustained periods of unhappiness. Now I’ve emerged from my quarter life crisis determined to find a career which allows me to be autonomous and happy.

Sally Mortimer

After years struggling with mental illness, I’m trying to find a career that suits me. I’ve written a chapter in MoM, but that’s just the start. There’s so much more to my story which is why I’m writing my own book. I love art and crafts, dogs, elephants and Old School Runescape.

International Collaborators

Esther (Xin Liu)

Through this exciting journey, I get to know and meet new people, gain new work experience, and learn more about British culture.

Lisa (Yunqi WANG)

It is a process to co-operate with each other and what I need to do is not just translating, but also editing, researching, promoting, etc, which equips me with the ability to start my own career in the future.

Beatrix Koch

Beatrix studied architecture and urban design in Budapest.
Today she lives and works in Switzerland where she founded an online art gallery, ARTODU, to support emerging Hungarian artists.
In 2018 she started publishing her short stories online, mainly for her friends, both in English and Hungarian. 
She writes in her two blogs ARTODU ART BLOG and BEATRIX KOCH BOOKS about art, culture and interesting stories.

Collaborating on Mother of Millennials was the perfect opportunity to promote an important story to Hungarian readers, while at the same time building my confidence for her own book.

Katalin Gamasi

Katalin was born in Pecs, Hungary. She studied Italian and Russian at her home town university, before herself becoming a language teacher. Today she lives in Italy with her husband and two children. She works with many international agencies as a freelance translator, and enjoys reading about psychology and education.